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Thinner and more powerful than ever


The new, ultra-premium Precision điện thoại workstations featuring phonghopamway.com.vn Optimizer for Precision: phonghopamway.com.vn"s most intelligent thiết bị di động workstations with AI-based optimization. Let"s make genius real.




A minimized footprint & starting at 5.5 lbs, are just two design features of the Precision 7550 that prove less is more.
With phonghopamway.com.vn’s most powerful 15" di động workstation that’s also the smallest & lighkiểm tra máy tính xách tay in its class, there’s nothing holding you bachồng.
With a 2 chiều backlit screen, up lớn the new HDR600, a 100% DCI-P3 and a narrow boarder display, your viewing experience just got an nâng cấp.
ExpressSign-in: With Modern Standby, the proximity sensor & IR camera recognizes you & automatically locks & unlocks to lớn speed up your productivity. The optional IR camera works in conjunction with Windows 10 Hello hands-miễn phí authentication.
Ambient sensing and low blue-light: Optional TUV-certified low blue light panels reduce eye strain, while ambient sensing adjusts your screen brightness so you can stay productive sầu anytime, anywhere.
Updated keyboard design: Work easily with a 1.65mm travel distance, a new modern look và feel, & an optional fingerprint reader.
Precision, meet privacy: When you want lớn be heard but not seen, the camera shutter provides the privacy you want. Cđại bại the shutter to physically block the camera or open it when you want to lớn video clip conference or take photos.
Productivity at your fingertips: The optional Windows Hello fingerprint reader ensures that you and only you can access your work. Simply place your finger on the sensor và just like that, you’re ready to lớn take on the next task. Or upgrade lớn the Windows Hello IR Camera và sign on with one look. 
phonghopamway.com.vn Reliable Memory Technology Pro: phonghopamway.com.vn Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro protects your work from potential crashes. phonghopamway.com.vn"s exclusive, RMT Pro works in conjunction with ECC memory lớn detect và correct memory errors in real time.
Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification: Precision workstations are tested to lớn ensure the high-performance applications you rely on every day run smoothly. phonghopamway.com.vn ISV-certifications cover the most popular independent software applications.
Intelligently designed for Data Scientists, the lakiểm tra Precision Data Science Workstations utilize AI to lớn empower users to get their most important work done faster by fine-tuning their devices for optimized performance of the applications they use most.
We know that having the right device is just the start to a great workday. Employees need intelligent, intuitive sầu và responsive experiences that allow them lớn work productively và without interruption. According to research, 1 out of every 4 users would question their job và the company they work for if they had a negative experience with their giải pháp công nghệ.*phonghopamway.com.vn Technologies Unified Workspace is transforming the employee experience và ensuring IT has proactive, predictive và automated solutions khổng lồ deliver on the promise of a modern workday, while simplifying their ability to lớn deploy, secure, manage and support their environment. Deploy: ProDeploy in the Unified Workspace allows IT lớn move sầu away from traditional, high-touch, manual deployment, & instead, ship devices preconfigured with company apps & settings from the phonghopamway.com.vn factory directly lớn their over users—having kết thúc users up & working on day one. Secure: phonghopamway.com.vn Trusted Devices provide a foundation to lớn a modern workforce environment with invisible & seamless protection to ensure smarter, faster experiences. End users stay productive sầu và IT stays confident with modern security solutions for the phonghopamway.com.vn Trusted Device. Manage: phonghopamway.com.vn Client Comm& Suite + VMware Workspace ONE offers integrated capabilities that deliver a unified endpoint management experience for IT, enabling them to lớn manage firmware, OS, và apps from one console, while also creating seamless experiences for kết thúc users.Support: ProSupport resolves hardware issues up khổng lồ 11x faster than the competition. ProSupport for PCs offers 24x7 access to lớn in-region ProSupport engineers who contact IT when critical issues arise,* so you can focus on what’s next, not what just happened.ProSupport Plus helps IT stay a step ahead and virtually eliminate unplanned downtime due to lớn hardware issues. You get all the capabilities of ProSupport, as well as AI-driven alerts lớn prevent failures và repairs for accidents.*
Windows 11 Pro - designed for hybrid work.The most productive sầu & secure version of Windows yet—but simple for IT. Learn More
1. SD Card Reader | 2. Universal Audio Jaông chồng | 3. 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 with Powertóm tắt | 4. Cable Loông chồng | 5. Mini DPhường 1.4 | 6. HDMI 2.0 | 7. RJ-45 | 8. Power nguồn | 9. 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Thunderbolt™ 3.0 Type C | 10. Smart Card Reader
1. Front Height: 0.98" (25 mm), Rear Height: 1.08" (27.36 mm) | 2. Width: 14.17" (360 mm) | 3. Depth: 9.53" (242 mm) | Starting Weight: 5.42 lb (2.45 kg)*

Advancing Sustainability

Industry’s most sustainable commercial PC portfolio.*

This sản phẩm is EPEAT Gold & ENERGY STAR qualified. EPEAT registration varies by country. For specific country participation and rating, please see www.epeat.net.

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phonghopamway.com.vn Technologies is transitioning khổng lồ products & packaging made from recycled or renewable resources, and improving products’ energy efficiency. We are also working towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions within our operations và with our direct supply chain partners. Read more about our commitment to lớn sustainability and our 2030 Social Impact goals here.
One of phonghopamway.com.vn’s primary goals is to lớn minimize our environmental impact. We ayên to lớn reduce the carbon footprint of our products throughout their lifecycle, from development lớn recycling & everything in between. Learn more about this product’s carbon footprint here.
Maximize the performance of your Precision 7550 with the ultimate work accessories designed to increase productivity at your desk.
Experience captivating details và true-to-life color reproduction on this brilliant 27" 4K monitor with the widest color coverage in its class.*
phonghopamway.com.vn’s most powerful doông chồng delivers the ultimate productivity experience. Charge your system faster, tư vấn up to lớn three displays & connect to lớn your peripherals via a single cable with dual USB-C connectors.
Enhance your everyday productivity with a quiet full form size keyboard & mouse combo that offers programmable shortcuts và 36 months battery life.
Enhance the mobility of your Precision 7550 with accessories designed khổng lồ keep you powered up, protected and connected on the go.
Designed specifically for phonghopamway.com.vn, the Timbuk2-Authority backpaông xã is built to carry & protect everything you need for the workday. The internal organizer provides ample space for máy vi tính accessories & any extra items you need lớn carry.
Small và portable 7-in-1 USB-C thiết bị di động adapter provides superb đoạn phim and data connectivity & supports up khổng lồ 90W power pass-through.
With the ambient noise cancellation feature of this wireless headphối, you can hear every word clearly on your next gọi. This easy-to-carry device is certified for Microsoft Skype for Business.

Essential specialized accessories for your Precision 7550

Upgrade your work wares to pair with the sleekness, power and mobility of the Precision 7550.
3DConnexion SpaceMouse Wireless
3Dconnexion"s patented 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor is specifically designed to manipulate digital content or camera positions in industry-leading CAD applications. Simply push, pull, twist or tilt the 3Dconnexion controller cap to intuitively pan, zoom & rotate your 3D drawing.
Experience outstanding screen performance on this 31.5" 4K USB-C monitor featuring InfinityEdge và multitasking capabilities.
Get 24x7 proactive sầu, automated tư vấn và onsite service when you need it with phonghopamway.com.vn ProSupport. Let our team give sầu you baông xã valuable time so you can take care of business.
Accidents happen. Protect your PC from drops, spills and other disasters. Accidental Damage* offers you efficient repair or replacement service that reduces worry and gets you baông xã lớn doing what you love, fast.
Get anytime priority access to expert tư vấn with AI-driven predictive sầu analytics & Accidental Damage Service to protect against drops, spills, surges & more.


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