Banh domain authority lon is a tasty dessert, with the extraordinary name I believe that someone think it is made from pork skin, yet Banh domain authority lon contains many thin và shining layers like pork skin so everyone Gọi it banh la lon.

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Banh domain authority lon is the combination of butter taste of mung beans, greasy taste of coconut milk & fragrant flavor of pandan leaves. Banh da lon often has yellow or green color. Do not take too many pandan leaves, it can make banh domain authority lon acrid, if take enough it make banh da lon more fragrant.

Banh da lon is quite popular in Southern Vietnam giới. You can make it by yourself with banh da lon recipe below.

Ingredients for banh domain authority lon recipe:


300gr mung beans150gr tapioca flour150gr rice flour200gr sugar100gr pandan leaves200ml coconut milk1,2 liter of water

The process of making banh da lon recipe:

Step 1:

Soak mung beans in water for 3-4 hours, then steam mung beans lớn soften them,

Add to lớn mortar then pestle well.


Step 2:

Clean pandan leaves then cut into lớn short lengthwise lớn add inkhổng lồ blender and blover khổng lồ get pandan extract.

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Step 3Add coconut milk inkhổng lồ a big bowl, add more water, salt, sugar then stir well till dissolved, add tapioca flour, rice flour and stir well to dissolve.


Step 4

Divide the mixture khổng lồ 2 equal parts, in 1st part add mung bean lớn stir well, the rest add pandan leaves then stir well


Step 5

Prepare a steamer on the heat, grease little oil on the bottom of the mould lớn take the cake esailier when it done.

Step 6

When steamer is ready, add 1 part of mung bean about 2cm depth of the mould. Cover the steamer for 5 minutes khổng lồ let it coagulated

Add 1 layer about 2cm of pandan extract inlớn the mould then cover the steamer. Wait for 10 minutes khổng lồ make pandan extract coagulated.


Similarly, add 1 layer of mung bean, 1 layer of pandan extract alternately. Remember time to make pandan extract done always longer than making mung beans done. When the cake done, it gets elastic, soft & fragrant.