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Honey is a familiar spice in many families' kitchens, has natural origin, is popular and easy to use, brings many uses not only in cooking but also has many benefits in medicine or support. beauty. Today honey is widely sold in the market with convenient packaging, clean and easy to use for many different purposes.

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Famous honey brands

Honey is the sweet substance created by bees that are carefully collected from flowers and stored in honeycomb cakes, gradually forming honey. Is a good food that contains many nutrients and has many useful applications in life.

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To avoid buying fake and poor quality honey, choose products with reputable brands that are known and chosen by many people such as Viethoney honey, Behonex honey, Xuan Nguyen honey, and Honybi honey. ,...

What are the health and beauty benefits of honey?

Honey has many great uses that you may not know, especially good for health and bring beauty effects such as:

Antioxidants in honey help rejuvenate the skin, while creating a protective layer on the skin from the effects of harmful rays.Honey helps heal wounds and fade scars quickly thanks to its natural antiseptic propertiesHoney also has an effective acne treatment because it contains antibacterial active ingredients that inhibit the growth of acne, preventing acne from forming and spreading.Exfoliates dead skin cells, helps skin become brightHoney is very effective in hair care giving you thick and shiny hairReduce the risk of heart disease, reduce bad cholesterol, triglyceridesHypotensionBurn treatmentSoothes Psoriasis SymptomsIn addition, honey is also widely used in cooking, baking or preparing drinks

How long does honey last? How to store honey

If stored properly, honey products can be kept for 2 to 3 years, honey should not be used for too long because honey can be changed in quality, nutritional loss may even be possible. affect health.

How to properly store honey:

Cover the lid to ensure it is not open, minimize the intrusion from the outsideKeep honey in a cool and dark place, away from strong-smelling products such as cosmeticsThe ideal temperature to store honey is between 21 and 26 degrees Celsius, not exceeding 27 degrees Celsius


Where to buy genuine honey at good price?

To make sure you don't buy fake or low-quality goods, please find and buy them at reputable sales addresses such as Agriculture Vietnam, which is always committed to selling genuine and quality goods from reputable brands, especially Especially when ordering at website, you will receive fast and convenient home delivery with many valuable incentives