Phở Hòa Pasteur

Have sầu you ever noticed that almost every Vietnamese restaurant in America is named either Phsinh sống Hòa or Phở Pasteur? Growing up, my family’s two favorite spots in San Diego for Vietnamese food were Phnghỉ ngơi Hòa in City Heights và Phsinh sống Pasteur in Clairmont. It turns out that these restaurants, & hundreds just lượt thích them, were channeling Phsống Hòa Pasteur, the most famous noodle cửa hàng in Vietphái mạnh.

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From what I gathered talking to Mom and sleuthing around the Internet, Phnghỉ ngơi Hòa Pasteur has been around for forty-some-odd years. It began as a popular street stall catering to lớn the evening crowd and eventually grew into a revered establishment frequented by locals & tourists alike. It currently occupies a two-story space across the street from The Pasteur Institute, which the street is named after.

In addition to lớn the usual lotus blossom & waterfall paintings adorning the walls, the restaurant has installed a flat screen television khổng lồ keep tabs on customers seated on the second floor. Now, that’s a first.


The menu here is concise, with diners only choosing whether they want a regular or large sized bowl. Low carb (no noodles) và high carb (no meat) options are also available. Phngơi nghỉ Hòa Pasteur charges nearly twice as much as neighboring shops due to its famed status.


On our table was a plate of fresh greenery including basil, sawtooth herb, & rice-paddy herb.

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There was also a plate of gio chao quay (Chinese fried dough sticks), which I’d never had served alongside phngơi nghỉ before. I’m a purist in situations lượt thích these, so I refused to lớn eat them with my noodles. The Astronomer, on the other h&, couldn’t resist dipping the dough inlớn the broth.


Our bowls of phở came topped with thin slices of rare beef và a fistful of scallions & cilantro. Mine had a bit of tripe in it as well because I’ve got a thing for stomach lining. After plucking in herbs and squeezing in lime juice, I was ready lớn dig in.


The broth was clear & balanced, while the noodles were fresh & soft. What struchồng The Astronomer và me about our bowls was how similar they tasted to lớn ones we eat in Southern California. It turns out that the Phsống Hòas và Phsống Pasteurs that line our boulevards stateside draw more than just their names from this iconic noodle shop—their flavors are so very Saigon as well.

Funny how a bowl of phở in Vietnam can take me bachồng to lớn Cali.

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