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OXENFREE APK is a horror adventure game from the publisher Night School Studio. As one of the typical Indie games, OXENFREE has all the qualities for you lớn play, shiver, think, reflect on your life and immerse in a lot of confession even when the game is over.

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OXENFREE: The scariest thing is people

The reason I say OXENFREE will immerse everyone in their thoughts even when they are finished is because OXENFREE is not just a game, it is also a story. In it, all your choices, from words, answers, actions are closely related & contribute khổng lồ the end. The game will have different endings, all up lớn you. The game is also the type if you only play once, perhaps you will not open all the knots, the countless teenage complex stories of the characters. When you understand something, you just want to play more, play it a few more times until you get the happy ending.

OXENFREE and fear in mind

Our dark sad story begins with a group of five sầu people, deciding to go to an abandoned military island to lớn have sầu a party. The night suddenly becomes more horror than ever when the main character, Alex accidentally opens a secret door, which was born from the island’s mysterious past. Thereby (also) inadvertently freed mysterious creatures from another planet. A series of incomprehensible events continued around. You and your team will find a way lớn escape this crazy islvà as safely as possible.


The scary factor in OXENFREE does not come from gore screens but comes from the deepest darkest corners of each character. They are just minors. In the game, everyone is pulled together, then pushed lớn various locations on the island. The game gives you a number of options, và whichever option comes at a price. That is how OXENFREE crept into the depths of human fear.

The pace is slow, you need lớn listen everything

80% of the game time is spent talking, listening & understanding. Each of them has their own untold secrets, unknown memories. One by one, unexpected events took place, causing each person lớn immediately have sầu different reactions. And the way they talk and confide in each other has unintentionally revealed their own secrets.

In OENFREE, when Alex chats to anyone else, you will be given an answer. Very simple operation, you just cliông chồng khổng lồ select the answer or touch the screen lớn choose the person or object that needs lớn interact. But the difficulty is, the time lớn think and make decisions for everything is very fast. If you vì not think and choose the answer, the game will automatically skip. And you must understvà that every word, action no matter how small in this game will affect the outcome. So, reluctance to lớn skip is extremely uncomfortable. Feel like you’re missing out on something very important.


After 2 times of playing, I suddenly understood the implicit message from this skip mechanism: life is the same, if you just talk but not listen or answer, then obviously you don’t really care the people you are talking lớn. And the outcome of the relationship, or your own outcome, might change because emotionless, not knowing how khổng lồ listen. So, when playing the game, instead of rushing to find clues, sit baông xã & connect with your friends và listen to them, honestly.

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In a series of conversations between the characters in the group, you always have sầu many difficult choices lớn think. Sometimes it is just a saying, but it can also decide your fate. So don’t just think of this as a movie, but always remember it’s a survival game.

Time loop & alien elements

In OXENFREE, things are not just present. The whole game is like a movie, with a future, a past, a memory, & a vision. Continuous on và off through a time loop is a radio station that interacts with aliens stranded on the isl&. Sometimes using a time loop will take you baông xã khổng lồ a certain time in the past, right on the islvà. You can reselect what you have sầu chosen & wait for something else to lớn happen. Or simply find an answer lớn a small fact that you always wonder. Turning baông chồng & forth, the storyline never seemed lớn thua kém its appeal.


The game currently has only one player mode. But don’t think it’s boring. Because sometimes you will get caught up in the cycle of friendship and situation, khổng lồ kết thúc up having lớn play over và over again and again until the escape is safe, least hurt. I don’t know exactly how many endings there are, but after a week of playing this game, I often see characters die or get injured. Even once, I only brought baông xã one character home page in obsession.

Everything is cold & scary, from images to haunting music

Graphics are the first thing you will feel about the characters’ bleak futures. Horizontal screen layout, dark color tones, faint light effects, destinations turn lớn be hidden in the mist. All make you feel small & lonely, & everything around is terrifying.

I also wonder who the composer for this music is, I want to lớn meet hlặng once. Many times, the simple music of a few piano keys, plays in the dark night is enough for my heart tremble. Are we always afraid of the things we have sầu not understood? And OXENFREE is a game full of such unknown things, from people who think they are very familiar, to the surrounding scenery và phenomena.

Download OXENFREE APK không lấy phí for Android

If you still read this, congratulations on joining the endless world of OXENFREE. What are you waiting for? Let download the game & immersing yourself in it for a few days.