COLLINGTON YARD OF THE MONTH – JUNE 2021The Collington Grounds Committee “Yard of the Month” award, for the month of June, has been presented lớn Dee and Charley Keith of 9612 Redwichồng Drive.Dee & Keith have sầu lived in Collington for 15 years. The committee is very excited khổng lồ present this award on this particular street, especially since most front yards on Redwiông chồng are small. But in this case ‘form size doesn’t matter” because the number of flowers planted, over 170, and the beautiful color packed into lớn this quaint kích cỡ space is spectacular! Dee và Keith hvà tilled and cultivated this space for 4 years with compost, garden soil, và organic material before being able to achieve the rich dark soil out of what we all know started as ‘clay’ in Collington. The multicolored blooms include portulaca, marigolds, cannas, begonias, & calla lilies. To add even more color the Keith’s used shrubs and trees with varying leaf colors and blooms during the spring and summer: included are barberries, Japanese lace leaf maple, young blood maple, crepe myrtle, và weeping red bud. There are many different plants, yet it does not look over crowded.Dee & Keith will have sầu the “Yard of the Month” sign in their yard till the end of July và received a $25. Lowes Gift Card. Take the time lớn drive sầu by & kiểm tra it out. You might find Charley sitting in his driveway, with cocktail in hvà, watering the plants, as he doesn’t have irrigation in that part of his yard . . . yet. See it CAN be done!Honorable mentions this month (who are still eligible for the award through out the season) include: 11024 Wooferton Court, 10907 Collington Drive sầu, 14549, Parracombe Lane.This award is difficult to lớn choose as it takes quite a bit of time due khổng lồ the number of beautiful yards throughout Collington. The committee members truly enjoy the opportunity lớn honor our residents who beautify our community with such incredible yard work. The YOTM is chosen during the last few weeks of May, June, July, August, September, and October (fall décor). The criteria for picking are based on the front yard only. We look for 1.) Overall turf health/nice balance of green, & well manicured grass, 2.) Shrub maintance & grooming, 3.) Color/flowers being used to enhance the overall curb appeal. Once a resident receives the award they are not eligible again for two years. YOTM for December is a Holiday Award và has its own criteria for Classic và Festive sầu décor, both are chosen in December.To find gardening tips from past award winners, especially what types of plants work best for this area, go to lớn, committees/grounds/yard of the month.The committee understands gardening is not everyone’s idea of a fun summer day, and that some residents are not able khổng lồ vày the work themselves. We greatly appreciate the time that is taken, no matter the form size of your front yard, khổng lồ beautify our community. We vì absolutely drive down every street in every section. It takes several hours of driving, taking notes, and going baông chồng khổng lồ houses on our ‘st& out list” to lớn pichồng a house. Feel không tính phí to lớn make recommendations if you see a house that meets the criteria, even your own yard!! Please skết thúc recommendations khổng lồ kayschiltz3
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Yard of the month

The three main criteria used toevaluateresidential propertiesfor the Yard of The Monthare:1)Overall turf health. Is the yard being properly nourished và irrigated, & does it show a nicebalance of green.​2) Shrub maintenance and grooming (shaping versus shaggy)3) Color. Are colorfulflowersbeing used to enhance the overall curb appeal of the property.


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