Bánh Mì Phượng

Banh ngươi is one of Vietnam’s most popular street foods and Hoi An is home to Banh Mi Phuong considered one of the best banh mày makers you’ll find in Vietphái mạnh. Banh mày is the Vietnamese word for sandwich, & it is exactly that. A crispy, light, fluffy bread, usually filled with cold cuts of meat, pate, pickled carrots, daikon và coriander.

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Easy to lớn eat, familiar and convenient, it’s not hard lớn see why banh mày has become popular all over the world. Hoi An is trang chính khổng lồ ‘the best banh mi’ – the now famous Banh Mi Phuong. What started off as a small banh mi stall in the Hoi An market has now expanded into lớn a restaurant serving many of Hoi An’s Best Specialties.

In this article Hidden looks in to lớn how this small banh mày stall gained such fame and popularity. What was it that set this specific stall apart from all the rest? A visit from world famous chef Anthony Bourdain certainly helped things! We kiểm tra out Banh Mi Phuong và try ‘the best banh ngươi in Hoi An’. It’s a tough job but someone has lớn bởi it! In fact we’ve sầu also sampled other contenders for the best banh ngươi in Hoi An, so if you’d lượt thích khổng lồ follow suit read our full banh ngươi article here.

Banh mi being made at the busy Banh Mi Phuong counter


The Woman Behind Banh Mi PhuongHidden’s Experience at Banh Mi PhuongHidden’s Thoughts

The History of Banh Mi in Hoi An

The trading port city of Hoi An has had many foreign influences as evidenced by the Portuguese style Old Town và the iconic Japanese bridge. Alongside foreign influences, food such as bread was introduced to lớn Vietnam giới. During the French occupation, wheat was imported but because of the high cost, some bakeries added rice flour as a supplement to lớn wheat. This created a lighter & more crisp baguette, compared lớn the more glutinous French baguette. Some even mark this staple street food as a signifier of Vietnam’s independence from the French and the death of colonialism.

The Vietnamese began using fillings lượt thích pate, đê mê, head cheese, và pickled vegetables. This combined to Hoi An making some of the best banh ngươi that we are used khổng lồ eating today. Banh Mi is now an increasingly popular street food loved by both locals và tourists of all ages. It is a simple, quiông xã, tasty và accessible food for all.

Ingredients piled up ready lớn be turned into banh mi

The Woman Behind Banh Mi Phuong

So who is Madam Phuong serving the best banh mày in Hoi An? Hidden phối out khổng lồ find more about this local restaurant & get the inside scoop on the woman behind it all.

To our surprise, Madam Phuong herself was working right behind the counter serving Hoi An’s best banh mày herself! She was busy working away when we asked to lớn interview her. She happily agreed & after a short five-minute wait, she greeted us warmly in her restaurant Banh Mi Phuong.

Starting Out

Mrs. Phuong’s love sầu for banh mày started at a young age. She fondly remembers eating it often because she lived next khổng lồ the local market. Always feeling lucky when her mother allowed her khổng lồ eat this street food. She studied khổng lồ be an elementary school teacher at university but after graduating, she hadn’t found a position as a teacher. As a fresh graduate, she thought to herself, “why don’t I open a small banh mi stall?”.

When she did gain employment as a fifth-grade teacher, she worked full time doing both jobs – a street food vendor & a teacher. To this day, Mrs. Phuong is still teaching at an elementary school. After working at Banh Mi Phuong, she goes home to lớn prepare lesson plans for her classes. She juggles both jobs gracefully & is still fully immersed in her restaurant. Working both behind the counter và in the kitchen lớn make sure the operation is running well. She personally maintains her high standard at Banh Mi Phuong – and its reputation of serving the best banh mi in Hoi An.

Madame Phuong working alongside her staff at Banh Mi Phuong

Anthony Bourdain’s Stamp of Approval

Banh Mi Phuong started off as a small banh ngươi stvà in Hoi An’s local market. Phuong worked behind the counter, making banh mày for the locals lượt thích she always had. Anthony Bourdain, famed American chef was in town filming an episode of his travel show No Reservations. He filmed a segment in Hoi An, eating at Banh Mi Phuong when her stall was still in the local market. He raved that Phuong’s banh mày was the best in Hoi An – a “symphony in a sandwich”.

In the early days in Hoi An, there weren’t many restaurants on Phan Chu Trinh Street (the street where Banh Mi Phuong is now located). Wisely, Phuong had set up her stall in the local market. At this time Lonely Planet & Tripadvisor didn’t have a lot of information on restaurants in Hoi An. So when Anthony Bourdain visited & reviewed this little banh mày stand, it also helped boost tourism to lớn this Hoi An. With a nhận xét like that, who wouldn’t want to lớn try Banh Mi Phuong!

Phuong then opened a second location on Phan Chu Trinh, where she still resides today. This is what we know today as Banh Mi Phuong – serving the best banh mày in Hoi An. With increasing glowing Đánh Giá, quality food, & consistency, in addition lớn Anthony Bourdain’s stamp of approval, Banh Mi Phuong restaurant has become wildly successful. Banh Mi Phuong is now a must visit for travellers in Hoi An wishing to try the best banh mày in town.

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The queue at Banh Mi Phuong in Hoi An moves quickly but is always busy

What’s on the Banh Mi Phuong Menu?

At first glance at Banh Mi Phuong, you’ll see several women hard at work behind the counter. They’re quickly making banh ngươi khổng lồ feed their steady flow of customers. There’s a menu on the wall with descriptions in English & Vietnamese. All thực đơn options have sầu a number beside them for easy reference. Listed is their famous Banh Mi Thap Cam, which means a banh ngươi with everything alongside several other tasty options including a simple garlic banh ngươi and a tasty puffed tofu vegetarian option.

You can tell the cashier which banh ngươi you want by pointing to the menu handed to lớn you once you reach the front of the line. Then you simply pay và receive your banh mày for takeaway. Wrapped up in environmentally friendly packaging with Banh Mi Phuong’s logo on the front. Then placed in a paper carry bag ready to lớn be transported khổng lồ your next destination (if you can wait that long!).

Hidden Hint: There are passport photos of travellers underneath the glass table in the restaurant. Leave your mark in this hot tourist attraction, and slide your own photo in.

The price for all banh mày range from 15,000 VND (.65c USD) khổng lồ 30,000 VND (1.30 USD). Despite her wild success, Banh Mi Phuong has opted to lớn keep her prices low và accessible for everyone.

Piles of passport photos decorate the tables at Banh Mi Phuong in Hoi An

Hidden’s Experience at Banh Mi Phuong

Decorated light blue in colour, the restaurant has two floors cooled by fans. The tables were busy và full of chatter accompanied by the background noise of a busy kitchen out the baông chồng. The clientele in Banh Mi Phuong really felt lượt thích a microcosm of expats & travellers in Hoi An. Solo travelers, families, young couples, backpackers, và retired couples on vacation were all eating at Banh Mi Phuong.

We couldn’t go past ordering Hoi An’s best banh mi from Banh Mi Phuong – the popular banh ngươi thap cam. We also wanted lớn try the garlic banh ngươi và vegetarian banh mi as well. Once you get here – you’ll want lớn do the same!

The Sandwiches

Our sandwiches were served within minutes of ordering. The bread here in Hoi An is absolutely divine; crispy, crunchy yet light và airy. There is no contest that Hoi An serves up the best bread for banh mày in Vietphái nam. The banh ngươi thap cam was flavourful & delicious. You could definitely be full by eating just one banh mi thap cam – it’s a meal in itself! Their garlic banh mi was also super tasty. A typical garlic butter spread on the perfect bread vehicle. Lastly, their vegetarian banh mày was served with perfectly marinated, slightly sweet puffed tofu and crunchy vegetables.

Our banh mày sandwiches wrapped up and ready khổng lồ go

The sandwiches served at Banh Mi Phuong are worth the rave sầu nhận xét they’d have khổng lồ be one of the bests banh mi’s in Hoi An. But what’s also special about this place is that this is a restaurant with a heart. They care about the food, the unique & their customers. Everything is clean và Mrs. Phuong has proudly stated that no one in the history of her opening her siêu thị has ever had food poisoning from her restaurant. Squashing any nerves from tourists about trying street food. Mrs Phuong prides over her restaurant being clean and food being fresh & delicious.

Hidden Hint: To avoid the long queues walk straight inkhổng lồ the restaurant. You’ll be served right away. If you don’t want to lớn stay & eat, you can just grab your banh ngươi to lớn go.

In addition khổng lồ banh mi, they offer other Hoi An specialties lượt thích cao vệ sinh, banh xeo, và com ga. You can get a good all round taste of Hoi An’s local food just by eating at Banh Mi Phuong. As per the banh mi, the food is fresh & comes out quickly. Again the prices are incredibly reasonable.

Madame Phuong makes banh ngươi the same way she did for Anthony Bourdain when he visited Hoi An

Hidden’s Thoughts

Banh Mi Phuong is now a major tourist attraction in Hoi An. They continue lớn prove that they are deserving of the fame and recognition they have for serving one of the best banh mi in Hoi An. Their food uses fresh ingredients and the friendly staff serve you a very tasty banh ngươi for more than reasonable prices. Banh Mi Phuong is definitely worth a visit when the hunger pains hit while you’re walking in streets in the Old Town.

The somewhat chaotic queue, quick pace work ethic và fast food delivery make visiting Banh Mi Phuong an experience in its own. Anthony Bourdain wasn’t wrong when he said that this is a one of the best banh ngươi in Hoi An, and seeing all the smiling customers eat their food right outside the siêu thị only further reaffirms his clayên ổn.

Banh Mi Phuong – Opening Hours, Address và Map

Address: 2b Phan Chu Trinh – Opening Hours: 6:30am – 9:30pm Monday – Sunday