This tender yogurt loaf is studded with chunks of ripe mango & drizzled with a tropical rum gtia laze ... <+> making a light fruity cake that tastes lượt thích sunshine.

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Elizabeth Karmel

I am a huge fan of Mango Lasđam mê. And lately I’ve sầu been making it myself. I’ve created a “recipe” that checks the boxes for me—tangy yogurt and kefir, tart-sweet mango with a hint of sweetness from honey and spice from cardamom. I put everything in my smoothie blender and in a matter of seconds, it’s ready to lớn enjoy.

Because I am mildly addicted khổng lồ mango lasđắm đuối, I always have sầu yogurt & frozen mango in my refrigerator/freezer. Recently I received a bottle of Kasama rum—a 7-year aged rum made in the Philippines. The bottle is appealing with raised lush green leaves on the bottle and a design that is reminiscent of a youthful ‘stickers’ infatuation. When I smelled the rum, it smelled lượt thích a piña colada, và tasted very tropical with notes of pinetáo bị cắn, sweet coconut và vanilla.

I made a cocktail with coconut water and lime and found out later that the brvà promotes the spirit with a similar cocktail. It was refreshing but I had other plans for the rum. When I took that first sip, I could literally taste it as a glaze on a simple mango snacking cake.

I started with the classic French yogurt cake recipe as the base, và adapted it khổng lồ use mango yogurt and the frozen chunks of mango that I had in my freezer. Because I wanted to lớn emang đến the flavors of Mango Lasmê mẩn, I added fragrant ground cardamom khổng lồ the batter.The mango yogurt lightly scents the batter & lays the foundation for the Mango Lasham mê flavor.

I’ve made a plain version of this quick and easy yogurt cake many times—it’s like a much lighter version of a pound cake but with no butter and a lot less sugar. But I’ve sầu never added fruit to lớn it, and wasn’t sure if the fruit was going to work in the batter. Happily, the cake is even better with a little fruit in it, & the Mango Lasmê man cake is firmly in my rotation right now.


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I used a generous cup of frozen mango chunks—just enough lớn cover the top of the batter before I put it in the oven. The thing that I love about this quantity of fruit is that the slices from the loaf are studded with 1 lớn 3 pieces of fruit. I love the simplithành phố of this ratio. The tender vanilla crumb in the snacking cake has an occasional piece of mango—lượt thích a surprise treat—as opposed to it becoming all mango & only a little cake.

The tropical rum gLaser add a touch of sweetness và a depth of flavor that makes this an exceptional snacking cake or the foundation of a sunny cake and ice cream dessert that would be welcome any time of the year.

The Kasama rum in the gtia laze adds tropical notes of pinetáo khuyết, vanilla & a whiff of coconut that ... <+> adds another layer of flavor to this quichồng và easy snacking cake.

Elizabeth Karmel

Mango Lasham Loaf Cake with a Tropical Rum Glaze

Adding mango yogurt and chunks of mango lớn the classic French yogurt cake is reminiscent of a Mango Lassi—a popular mango-flavored yogurt drink that originated in India. Add a tropical Kasama rum gtia laze with notes of pinetáo khuyết & coconut & you have sầu a light fruity cake that tastes like sunshine.

Makes 1 loaf

1 3/4cup all-purpose flour

2teaspoons baking soda

1/2teaspoon ground cardamom

1/2teaspoon fine-grain sea salt

3large eggs

1cup white sugar

Zest of a lemon

1container mango yogurt, roughly 150 grams

21/2teaspoons vanilla extract

1/2cup neutral vegetable oil such as Crisco

1generous cup frozen chunks of mango


1/2generous cup confectioner sugar

Pinch of sea salt

1tablespoon Kasama or favorite tropical rum

Preheat the oven to lớn 350° prepare an 8-or 9-inch loaf pan with Baker’s Joy.

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Place the loaf pan on a sheet pan fitted with a piece of parchment paper và set aside.

In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, cardamom and salternative text.

In a large bowl, using a Blending fork, beat the eggs, sugar và letháng zest together until well combined and lighter in color. Add the yogurt & vanilla và phối until well combined. Add the oil and set until smooth và completely combined.

Add the flour mixture to lớn the yogurt mixture and beat just until no lumps remain. The batter will be a thick but pourable.

Pour the batter inkhổng lồ the prepared loaf pan và top with the frozen chunks of mango. Bake until a toothpichồng inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean, 60 to lớn 65 minutes.

Let the cake cool in the pan on a wire raông xã for 10 minutes. Invert the cake onto lớn the rack; remove the pan & flip the cake so that cools top-side up.

Cool for about 40 minutes and pour the gLaser over the top. Cool for an additional 40 minutes and serve.

To serve sầu, slice cake in half-inch slices and serve sầu plain, or with coconut or vanilla ice cream. This is a great snacking cake or a great base cake for a summery, fruity cake và ice cream situation.


I am a chef, cookbook author, spirits enthusiast và entrepreneur most known for grilling, barbecue and southern food. I am a North Carolimãng cầu native và a lifelong scratch baker who loves lớn create & giới thiệu food that makes people happy. As the executive sầu chef for NYC và DC’s Hill Country Barbecue Market & Hill Country Chicken, Icreated both the sweet & savory thực đơn. I am an equal opportunity griller, eater và drinker và always open lớn trying new things.I embrace both the high and the low, as long as the unique is the best it can be. My lathử nghiệm book "Steak và Cake” is a marriage of two of my favorite celebration foods. As an entrepreneur, I thiết kế kitchen và grilling tools that help everyone be a better cook including myElizabethKarmel’s Blending Forkwhich has a cult following. Known as the original “GrillGirl,” I pioneered the girls grilling movement with the motlớn,“if you can eat it, you can grill it!”Cheông xã