I am trying to run google maps v2 on emulator, I am following this tutorial.When I was trying khổng lồ install required game android file on emulator, I am getting below error.

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I tried to lớn solve this using this tutorial.Followed all steps, added the path to lớn paltform-tools lớn environment path. Also after modifying the PATH variable started a new CommandPrompt window.

But getting the same error. I need khổng lồ check my google map application on emulator.Kindly suggest me.

"adb" is not recognized as an internal or external commvà,operable program or batch tệp tin.


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Active sầu Oldest Votes287Set the path of adb into lớn System Variables. You can find adb in "ADT Bundle/sdk/platform-tools" Set the path & restart the cmd n then try again.


You can also goto lớn the dir where adb.exe cộ is located và vì chưng the same thing if you don"t wanna set the PATH.

If you wanna see all the paths, just do

emang lại %PATH% Share Improve this answer Follow edited Jun 25 "16 at 12:02 answered Dec 13 "13 at 10:47


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more comments 173From Android Studio 1.3, the ADB location is at:

C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools.Now add this location to the kết thúc of PATH of environment variables. Eg:

;C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools Share Improve sầu this answer Follow edited May 14 "đôi mươi at 1:59 answered Aug 1 "15 at 9:44


Vamyêu thích TallapudiVamham Tallapudi 2,07511 gold badge1111 silver badges1919 bronze badges 3 Add a comment | 136If you want lớn use it every time add the path of adb khổng lồ your system variables:enter khổng lồ cmd (command prompt) and write the following:

emang lại %PATH%this comm& will show you what it was before you will add adb path

setx PATH "%PATH%;C:Program Filesandroid-sdk-windowsplatform-tools"be careful the path that you want to add if it contains double quote

after you restart your cmd rewrite:

eđến %PATH%you will find that the path is added

PS: if you just want to lớn add the path khổng lồ cmd just khổng lồ this session you can use:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program Filesandroid-sdk-windowsplatform-tools Share Improve this answer Follow answered Jan 17 "14 at 12:17
Chris SimChris Syên 3,50433 gold badges2525 silver badges3232 bronze badges 5 Add a phản hồi | 80I did this on Windows 7, by going to:

Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables...

In this Environment Variables window, in the User variables for (your-username) highlight Path và click Edit...

You then need to appover a ; if there isn"t already one at the end of the Variable value field, and then append C:Users\AppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools; to lớn that same field.

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Then clichồng the three OK buttons khổng lồ get out.

Share Improve this answer Follow answered Jun 13 "17 at 15:26 ban-geoengineeringban-geoengineering 15.1k1616 gold badges137137 silver badges221221 bronze badges 2 Add a bình luận | 34In Windows 10, Add User Variable PATH: %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools.Restart cmd (if any open).adb devices, it should menu, if it does, you are all mix.

That"s it!

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Chechồng the screenshot for details

Share Improve this answer Follow edited Dec 13 "13 at 11:38 answered Dec 13 "13 at 10:57 Vaibhav AgarwalVaibhav Agarwal 4,08422 gold badges1616 silver badges2020 bronze badges 1 Add a phản hồi | 27Add your path into environment variable "PATH" where you installed your sdk with below:

Sdkplatform-toolsYou can in image below for example:

& reopen your comm& prompt khổng lồ see changes.

Share Improve this answer Follow answered Apr 1 "18 at 8:32 gauravbhai daxinigauravbnhị daxini 1,45111 gold badge1717 silver badges2626 bronze badges 1 Add a phản hồi | 11adb commvà can be under the new path below-C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-toolsfor new versions of Android studio.I found in this location for me. Share Improve this answer Follow answered Dec 14 "16 at 9:30 Amit RayAmit Ray 11111 silver badge22 bronze badges Add a bình luận | 11If your OS is Windows, then it is very simple.When you install Android Studio, adb.exe cộ is located in the following folder:

C:Users**your-user-name**AppDataLocalAndroidSdkplatform-toolsCopy the path & paste in your environment variables.

mở cửa your terminal và type: adb it"s done!

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tools->SDK ManagerWhere you can get SDK location

Open SDK folder -> platform-tools

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For environment variable, we have to lớn need to follow some steps.

Share Improve this answer Follow answered Feb 8 "19 at 9:54 Parveen ChauhanParveen Chauhan 1,0281111 silver badges2222 bronze badges Add a comment | 51st: gokhổng lồ the drive sầu where your eclipse reside and goto sdk & platform tool in my case C:adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140702sdkplatform-tools

2nd:copy that address for ease of access

3:open command prompt win+r and type cmd hit enter

4:paste the address in cmd và hit enter thats all

Share Improve sầu this answer Follow answered Jun 30 "15 at 3:29 AdiiiAdiii 33.8k55 gold badges7979 silver badges8181 bronze badges Add a phản hồi | 4Based on Vamđắm đuối Tallapudis earlier answer I came up with this dynamic path:

%LOCALAPPDATA%/Androidsdkplatform-toolsIt"s using a Windows Environment Variables. I find this solution to lớn be both elegant & easy and would therefor like to lớn nội dung it.

Share Improve this answer Follow edited May 23 "17 at 12:02 Community♦ 111 silver badge answered Jul 9 "16 at 12:05 TimTlặng 9671212 silver badges2222 bronze badges Add a bình luận | 2I had same problem when I define PATH below

C:Program Files (x86)Javajre1.8.0_45in;C:devsdkandroidplatform-tools& the problem solved when I bring adb root at first.

If you"re on Windows 10 & dont have Admin rights then right cliông xã on the CMD, powershell ... program và select run as administrator. Then try adb

Share Improve this answer Follow answered Jan 16 "19 at 14:03 beaumondobeaumonvị 4,32977 gold badges2626 silver badges3939 bronze badges Add a phản hồi | 1First select drive sầu that is where Android sdk folder is there. Then you Follow the below steps

cd DriveName:/ or Ex : cd c:/ Press "Enter"

then you will give sầu the path that is adb console path is there in a platform-tools folderso cd Root Folder/inner root folder if there/Platform-tools Press "Enter" then it selects the adb directory.

Share Improve sầu this answer Follow answered Dec 13 "13 at 11:08 VenkatVenkat 8211313 silver badges3131 bronze badges Add a bình luận | 1In my case it was:

C:Program Files (x86)Androidandroid-sdkplatform-tools Share Improve sầu this answer Follow answered May 24 "16 at 12:40 DoradDorad 2,47211 gold badge3232 silver badges5656 bronze badges Add a bình luận | 1This is where I found it:

I found this path listed in Android studio:

Tools > Android > SDK Manager > SDK Tools

Set Android Studio Terminal khổng lồ PowerShell:

Settings > Tools > Terminal > Shell path = pwsh.exe pháo (instead of cmd.exe)Open Terminal on Android Studio

# `pikachu` should be replace your usernamePS > test-path "C:UserspikachuAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools"Truemở cửa your powershell protệp tin tệp tin in your text editor

PS > notepad $profileadd below line, save sầu & exit

# `pikachu` should be replaced with your username$env:PATH+="C:UserspikachuAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools"re-open Terminal & try adb

PS > adbAndroid Debug Bridge version 1.0.41Version 30.0.1-6435776Installed as C:UsershdformatAppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-toolsadb.exeglobal options: -a listen on all network interfaces, not just localhost -d use USB device (error if multiple devices connected) -e use TCP/IP device (error if multiple TCP/IP devices available) -s SERIAL use device with given serial (overrides $ANDROID_SERIAL) -t ID use device with given transport id -H name of adb hệ thống host -Phường port of adb VPS Chulặng mục: